Fertility treatment is offered through the expertise of. Gregory Starks, MD, a fertility specialist with Midwest Women's Healthcare, known as the most successful fertility clinic in Missouri as ranked by www.fertilitysuccessrates.com.

Dr. Starks recommends the following strategies that might help you and your partner conceive more quickly.

  1. Plan ahead. Fertility decreases for women after age 35 and for men after age 45. Talk to your doctor to weigh pros and cons of delaying pregnancy.
  2. Step on the Scale. Women on both ends of the scale--underweight or obese-- can experience a more difficult time conceiving than women of normal weight. It's also important for women and men to eat a balanced diet and focus on weight issues before trying to get pregnant.
  3. Kick the habit. Quitting smoking can protect the fertility of both men and women so couples are advised to stop smoking.
  4. Limit alcohol. Excessive drinking may affect the quality and quantity of sperm. It's also been linked to higher miscarriage rates. Men and women should limit alcohol to a minimum--one daily drink for women, two for men, or abstain completely.
  5. Curb those coffee and tea breaks. Studies show women who drank seven or more cups of caffeinated coffee or tea daily experienced more difficulty getting pregnant than those who drank fewer. Dr. Starks advises women who are thinking about becoming pregnant to limit or avoid caffeine.